Heading Up North [ 1 ] Family, Fishing, & A Perfusion Conference

This was Right after I moved to Texas ! ( She’s a bit bigger now 🙂 = )

YO !  It’s Summer Vacation Time !

Flying up North to Michigan to hook up with my wife and kids- (they have been up for 2 weeks or so), connecting with some old friends, close relatives, some bass, trout, perch, blue gills, and a northern pike or so, and squeezing in what looks to be an excellent perfusion meeting in Traverse City over August 3-5, put on by the Michigan perfusion Society !

I plan on Live Blogging That…

So tune in ?

The Details on the Conference can be Found Below…

Click Image to View details ….  Should be good 🙂

My Daughter will be in Tow 🙂

Our Two New- About to be adopted Children J & K

Are discovering an entirely new life outside of Texas !