Great Colleges Offering Surgical Programs

Great Colleges Offering Surgical Programs

The training and education required to be a surgeon is staggering–but for good reason. Surgeons have one of the most high-stakes jobs in the world. One minute slip of the hand and their patient will die. Less concerning than the death of their patient (but still a considerable stressor) is that the surgeon’s continued success and job stability is directly reflected by his or her physical skill–and performance on the spot.

Not only does the surgeon need to combine complex theoretical knowledge with an extreme amount of dextrous precision, but the surgeon must also concern his or herself with the team surrounding him. Do not hesitate to find out about the different career paths as a surgeon here. There are many talented and intelligent people in the world; however, the person who can combine these three aspects–theoretical know-how, dexterity, and leadership within a team–are certainly rare. The following are just a few of the top university programs for surgeons.

Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. Johns Hopkins is truly a pioner in the academic world, and is in many ways responsible for the modern research university. The National Science Foundation (NSF) ranks this school as tops in science and medical research for 31 consecutive years. Thirty-seven Nobel Prize winners are affiliated with Johns Hopkins. A future surgeon attending this program is certainly on their way to renown in the field.

University of Washington, Seattle, WA. This university is one of the best in the business when it comes to producing fine surgeons. One of the best aspects of this program is that the university runs one of the best hospitals and centers for surgery in the world–the Harborview Medical Center. This program is uniquely special because, like schools such as Johns Hopkins or Harvard, the institute’s research is very respected, authoritative, and cited all around the world. But, because of its focus on and direct connection to the healthcare needs of Seattle, students also have the ability to get the best practical training in the world. This program brings a surgeons education altogether, and with a reasonable $25,320 annual tuition (for in-state students), represents one of the best surgical programs in the world.

Oregon Health and Science University. This is a great program because it emphasizes hands-on trainging as opposed to the theoretical and research aspect of a surgeons specialization. Granted, the theoretical and research aspect of the profession is critical to its success and viability; however, the vast majority of surgeons need the physical dexterity to perform the operations, not just the knowledge of how to perform the surgery. As such, practicing the procedures is a necessary and fundamental part of any surgeon program. This institution scores high in that regard.

The above programs represent some of the best in the country, but there are certainly more.