From South Korea: A Very Cool Peds Perfusion Video


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Editor’s Note:

Was checking out some perfusion Facebook groups, and came across a very cool perfusion video from  Lee Jinkwon (a South Korean perfusionist).

Here is his introduction:

Lee Jinkwon

“Hello, My name is Lee Jinkwon.

South Korea, Sejong general Hospital

Congenital cardiac sugery team, Perfusionist..

I introduce to our Neonate circuit.
We use to Terumo RX-05(Oxygenator), Terumo capiox(Arterial filter) & Mintech Hemofilter…Total Prime 138ml…

Sorry, I’m not good at speaking English well….
but I’d like to maintain good relations..


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Here is a link to a very well made video:


Click image above to view FB video

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