From Japan [ 8 ] We ARE Japanese Perfusionists !

Facebook Thread Authored By: Hiroyuki Kuromitsu (Hiro)

Editor’s Note:

Once again, just checking early morning news and chatter on Facebook, and another interesting discussion rears it’s head. This discussion can be found on the FB group perfusionist.JP founded by Hiroyuki Kuromitsu (Hiro) a Japanese perfusionist.

It’s a group of Japanese perfusionists having fun after a perfusion meeting in Japan 🙂

I am Just learning about (Hiro’s) site- but so far I am impressed with the integrity of the group members contributing to it =🙂=.

Truly:  Land of the Rising Sun

The sun should be coming up any minute now 🙂




Editor’s note:

Eventually all of this will be able to be translated online!  So now the language barrier will slowly evaporate.

That should definitely help international perfusion communities gravitate together more readily 🙂