From Italy [ 4 ] Performance of the Heart

Editor’s Note:

Once again, just checking early morning news and chatter on Facebook, and another interesting discussion rears it’s head.  This discussion can be found on the FB group Gruppo dei Perfusionisti!!!  founded by Giuseppe Salerno an Italian perfusionist that I have worked with on several projects and consider a colleague AND a friend

I highly recommend this site: 

As a perfusionist, this site is a rewarding and refreshing collection of intrepid souls- exploring both perfusion and other aspects of the good life…

La Dolce Vita … 🙂

“lo Spettacolo del Cuore”

Translation: Performance of the Heart: 

An Italian Production highlighting the heart and interventions:  Projected on a large screen HD video entertainment spectacular of the cardiovascular system, described by lead-author.




And… The Discussion…

This is a beautiful trailer to watch- it is huge in it’s bombastic and artistic presentation, and adds an the artistry of Italian theater to a presentation of the human heart.  Is is spectacular, and in Italian- so even though I didn’t understand what was said- I understood what I saw.

This is what makes an international forum so profoundly interesting.

We all understand the science, it is the perspective that is so absolutely reinvigorating.

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