From Istanbul: Heart Art…


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Editor’s Note:

Just taking a moment to share a moment- happened to see this on FB- and after seeing a quick ECMO article- went to the source- and found this Turkish FB site:

Kartal Koşuyolu Kalp Hastanesi Hospital


  • Denizer Caddesi Cevizli Kavşağı No: 2Cevizli / Kartal İSTANBUL
  • 72000 Kartal, İstanbul
Phone +90 216 500 1500
Status Always open

Definitely some very cool stuff- even if you don’t or can’t understand a word of Turkish (I’m sure I totally macerated that- what is the name for the Turkish language anyway?)

This video below is what caught my eye- and hence…  this post.
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Heart Art


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