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I guess one has to ask what people look for when they go to a perfusion related website or blog.  So here are my thoughts on that…

  • Meetings and Points (CEU’s) (Yep)
  • Education Opportunities (Check)
  • Perfusion Student Involvement (Kinda)
  • Perfusion Updates (I’ll buy that)
  • Mission Updates (For the few- but very cool)
  • Conversation & Information Exchange ? (Most of the time)
  • But Mostly ? It’s about Getting People Jobs …

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A Job Applicant Who Puts a Resume’ on CircuitSurfers can Expect:

  • 400 + Views of their cover letter and posting
  • An undetermined number of  views of his/her online resume’
  • A Polished Presentation
  • A Pretty good shot at a lot of exposure
  • Their Presentation up less than 24 Hours from submission
  • This is for you.  No Hidden Agendas. No Fees. Period

Someone Looking to Hire Can Expect:

  • An amazing amount of exposure
  • A.VERY Polished Presentation
  • Their Add to be up less than 24 Hours from submission
  • No Hidden AgendasNo Fees. Period

If You Have A Job Opening:

  • It will be listed here for free !

If You NEED a Job:

  • Your Resume will be listed here for free !

If You have A Mission and Need Supplies or Help… 

  • Ask for Help Here…

Any Perfusionist from any Country is Welcome Here…

  • As well as Any Cardiac Related Healthcare Professional…
  • And Obviously- Anyone with a Genuine Concern Regarding our Field

I think that”s why most people come to CircuitSurfers.Com

To share in the above stated goals.

Thanks for visiting-

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