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    Discover the ways to fix no display error of Computer
    Is your computer not displaying anything after you have turned it on? If you are suffering from such error where your computer is not showing a single thing and you are unsure about what may have happened, then don’t panic. Your computer may not be displaying anything after turning on due to a small technical error. The most general approach that helps to fix the computer when not displaying anything is as defined below.
    • First of all, turn off your computer and then restart again to check the screen display error is only one time or still exist
    • Make sure that all Computer cables are connected properly as loose cables may also cause error in screen display
    • Unplug the wires connecting your Computer to monitor and then reattach again for fixing the screen display error
    • Replace your monitor if possible to identify whether the error is happening due to computer or monitor screen
    • Remove or replace video card from your computer by opening PC case as it may causing the no display error on your device
    Otherwise, you can contact the Computer tech support department for help, if your computer screen is still not displaying anything even after applying the above methods. This way you will be able to receive more professional guidance towards resolving the screen display error you are dealing in the most recent scenario.

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