FORE-SIGHT: Anticipating and Mediating Cerebral Ischemia?


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Editor’s Note:

I used the FORE-SIGHT cerebral oximeter, the other day on a patient with documented carotid disease.  I watched the monitor closely for changes as the changes were made while on bypass (Q, pressure, sweep gas, temperature, cardiac index, X-clamping, cardioplegia, and so forth).

It is a sensitive device, and reflects some changes in parameters very quickly (Q was the most impressive- where as the surprise of the day was- perfusion pressure seemed to have little impact- perhaps due to occlusive carotid disease).

Potential applications are limitless but the question remains- just because you can see an ischemic event occurring- what can you do to mediate and remedy it?  More rhetorical and food for thought, as there are many obvious answers and positions that can be taken.

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