Fighting Back! A Michigan 2-Room Elementary School- Lives up to it’s Name: BIG JACKSON!!!

Editor’s Note:

Not sure I need to justify the relationship of this post to our Perfusion community- but I suppose the impact of Covid 19 becomes more evident as we deal with the uncertainty of exposure and subsequent isolation, and quarantine AWAY from our families as we dive into an   oncoming wave of possible ECMO patients compromised by COVID 19.  I pray that we don’t.

What this post is REALLY about- are the efforts teachers and staff from Big Jackson- Elementary School, are making to sustain our students AND their families here in Newaygo County, Michigan.  They go out and make weekly deliveries of not only food- but ALSO materials for their students to continue to exercise their minds regardless of the circumstances.

What was accomplished here was victory…  VICTORY over FEAR

The pictures below, tell their own story so I won’t go into any  great detail in that aspect, but what is required here on a human level- is to express a great deal of support, encouragement, and pride- regarding these acts of individual courage that are clearly demonstrated here in order to do what these brave folks are doing.  So I want to offer a brief moment of thanks and recognition for the following individuals and Brave Michigan Women 🙂

This post is the least I can do to honor their courage & efforts:

  • Kashmir Aprile:  Administrative Coordinator- Basically the backbone of EVERYTHING Big Jackson. Her captivating leadership by example- not only makes her a leader that people here count on- but a solid rock for direction, advice, and yeah- she is the TIP of this spear 🙂
  • Becky Jackson, MA- Principal and School Administrator of Big Jackson Public School.
  • Curt Wilkinson, School Bus driver and Maintenance (this is a great man that drives my kids to school early in the morning- regardless of Michigan Winter weather).
  • Jennifer England: Teacher- K-2 Big Jackson- and a tremendously caring and nurturing teacher.
  • Lisa Murphy (Teacher Grades 3-5).  She is a LIONESS when it comes to making sure her students are safe and well nurtured educationally and otherwise.

Week 9

Busy Bags Delivered:  49

Food Deliveries:  88 Lunches

Week 8

Busy Bags Delivered:  47

Food Deliveries:  83 Lunches

Week 7

Busy Bags Delivered:  47

Food Deliveries:  79 Lunches

Week 6

Busy Bags Delivered:  43

Food Deliveries:  73 Lunches

Week 5

Busy Bags Delivered:  37

Food Deliveries:  73 Lunches

Week 4

Busy Bags Delivered:  37

Food Deliveries:  60 Lunches

Week 3

Busy Bags Delivered: 37

Food Deliveries: 37 Lunches

Week 2

Kashmir Aprile with a new Homemade Mask 🙂

On the “Struggle Bus”  Kurt is the school bus driver- The hens taking care of their kids 🙂

Making deliveries with Home Made PPE!

(L-R)  Lisa, Jen & Kashmir 🙂

Week 1

Naya Aprile, 3rd Grade- Big Jackson Elementary: Throwing out a smile of courage 🙂

Kashmir Aprile:  BAS- An Administrator- SPEARHEADING this drive…

Jennifer England: Teacher- K-2 Big Jackson: Stuffing “Busy Bags” for our students 🙂

Jennifer England (Teacher K-2) and Lisa Murphy (Teacher Grades 3-5) On a Mission!

All Supplies are Donated by The Big Jackson Staff EVERY WEEK as well as Ancillary Family Members.  Kudos to Grandma Jackie!!!

Trying to Stay Alive and Keep our Kids Physically & Emotionally Well 🙂

Stopping Fear- Let’s Go Back to What We Know!

Jennifer England (Teacher K-2):  Writing Personalized Notes to EVERY STUDENT!

Now THAT–  Feels Like an A 🙂

The 3 AMIGAS!!!  It TAKES COURAGE to do what they do!!!

Home Delivery!!!  Kashmir Aprile:  Administrative Coordinator- The EndPoint of this drive…