Fiber Optic IABP :

Any Comments or Observations ?

Nooo…  It’s NOT the “Little Shop of Horrors” Plant

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Regarding Fiber Optic IABP’s …

We have migrated completely to fiber optic Intraaortic Balloons.

What is your experience with these?

Any clinical issues?

I have looked for any related or relevant clinical assessments and so far they are not to be found.

As an anecdotal aside- one of our surgeons blamed 2 patient moralities on the inability to be able to time these fiber optic catheters properly.

Has anyone observed this?

if so, how was it dealt with?  Switch to manual timing?

Salient Clinical Points

  • Obviates the need for a pressure trigger source
  • Self Times

  • Smaller Lumen options = increased distal Q
    • Implied Renal and distal limb preservation

  • Still requires An arterial flush bag
  • Self times q 2 hours (Datascope/Maquet)