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The Question Part…

I was sniffing around looking for some perfusion interviews to do- when I got into a dialogue with a perfusionist who is currently engaged in contributing medical supplies to a hospital in India.  The question that comes up is what is the next step in this evolutionary process from becoming a donor of supplies to donating your professional services?

So I thought this might me an opportunity to get a handle on the “process” of serving on a Perfusion mission.

This question involves funding..

Brian… any ideas here?

Hi Frank

In 1997, I joined my then employer for a mission trip to India to ‘pump a few cases’. This hospital was a top notch facility – more impressive than I thought it to be. Other impressive thing was, that they had no billing department. They did not charge a dime for the services in this hospital.

A few years later, I found out that they have opened up similar hospital in my neck of the woods. I stopped by during a visit to the mother land.

While it is not as flashy, they certainly are providing top notch care to the needy for free. I have been trying to help them as much as I can. I have collaborated with projectcure.org and, recently arranged a container full of various supplies for this hospital.

I am not sure how the organizations here in the USA arrange these missions. I would like to get educated in these areas. What is the norm in these trips? Do the volunteers pay their way to these trips or the organizers come up with the funding? I have heard of both types of mission – I have been on one that the airfare was paid for by the organizers. I can lead a team for this mission but, I am not sure how to raise the funding for one.

I am visiting this hospital in January to see how the contents of the container is working out. I will take some more pictures, gather patients stories, may be pump a case or two. I probably have enough material for you then.

Again, thank you for your help.