CREF 2014: Wrapping it up- Beyond Day 4


Editor’s Note:

Well it was 2,500 miles to make it all happen.  A lot of hotels, mountains, desserts, but I had to drive it to make the Perfusion Art Gallery get there. 


And it DID happen 🙂

It happened at CREF 2014.  And the response was overwhelmingly great. The funny thing is- I wasn’t really doing it for a response- but it sure was fun.

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Delivering 22 (24 x 36″ canvasses- and the same number of easels) is not really a a feasible plane option.  So it was turfed out to my Truck.

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Day 4 Schedule:


Day 4 1

Day 4 2

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Live Blog- CREF Day 4



Adios amigos 🙂

Heading back to Texas and just wanted to say that this experience is far better than anticipated.  I expected a really great conference, but this was truly a special event.  Everyone should make it a point to at least once- come to this great conference!

Not a lot more to tell than has been told.  San Diego is a terrific place to hangout if you have ounce of surf in you 🙂

The people attending were/are great- and the staff organizers are very dedicated.

Thank you to Susan Wheeler Westwood & Karen Morgan!

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Reasons to Come Home:



It’s a wrap !

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