CREF 2014: Live Blog- Day 2


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Editors Note:

Welcome on Day 2 of CREF 2014!  I am attending this year, and have been Live Blogging this event throughout the conference.  Please check back often for updates as they happen.

I would like to thank a few people for helping make this blog relevant and possible:

Nadia Azuero, CCP, and Michael Pienta, CCP:  Need to be recognized for being the catalysts in terms of the beginning seeds for an idea.  Just like so many things in life, a random contribution of a picture, led to a few more, and then the realization that this could become something special.

They brought together the initial submissions and the content for the framework of the International Perfusion Art Gallery.  Their pictures helped establish the concept that art could truly be a useful medium for connecting perfusion cultures.

Lloyd Yancey, CCP, president and owner of Cardiovascular Support Services, based out of Dallas, Texas.  He is an excellent perfusionist- many of you know him- or of him, and he has been amazingly supportive of this blog and has sponsored this gallery effort to such a degree- that without his help, I don’t believe this would have been possible.

Whitt Behr, CCP:  Thank you for assisting with the ‘Surfers Exhibit, and for being part of the Circuit Surfers team.

Susan Wheeler Westwood:  For thinking outside of the box (cube), for not being close minded, for her generosity and professionalism, and obviously- the sheer effort it takes to make a meeting Like CREF happen 🙂

Thank you!

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Revisiting San Diego

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Having been away from SD for so long, (did a lot of my undergrad here), there are some things worth waiting for (and hunting down as was the case here)

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Rubios Fish Tacos !


This stuff works!  Don’t get freaked out about the FISH part.  They have a white sauce and batter that makes this Taco unreal.


The cleanup crew…

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Live Blog- CREF Day 2

This is a great conference, in a beautiful city.

It has a unique international pull.

I have met Russian, Turkish, Swedish, and Norwegian perfusionists as well as a renowned CV surgeon from I believe Hungary?

There are some really smart people here, one of which in my opinion is Mr. George Galbraith, CCP.  He is here as a representative for CASMED– which has developed the Foresight Cerebral Oximeter- which I have used and have some experience with.

I met George in Hawaii quite awhile ago- both of us doing relief work at the Straub Clinic, Queens Hospital, St Francis Hospital, and Kuakini Hospital.  He had been the president of AMSECT a little before I met him, and has been sort of a mentor throughout my career.

It’s not like we hung out, or really kept in touch that often.  But if I ever had a question, well his advise was sage, and I counted on his perspective because it was always dead on.  So as fate would have it, here we meet again, in San Diego.  He is certainly someone I respect, look up to, knows perfusion inside and out, and has the steadiness to always weigh all things equally on the table.

We discussed the concept that is an essential ingredient in our profession.  The ability to prioritize on the fly- as we engage in the process of keeping people alive and well on cardiopulmonary bypass. Probably on a list somewhere in some curriculum, but not easily taught, and the test isn’t a true or false question.  But it is a distinguishing feature in what differentiates successful outcomes, and may not avoid- but certainly help mitigate potentially disastrous escalations and subsequent cascades of unexpected events that lead to bad, bad, stuff.

As in all moments when having discussions of this nature- there is that point of mutual recognition that we are all on the same page- and it is those engagements brief as they are, that makes a conference like this more than just a fundamental exercise in getting continuing education points.

So there you have it… an unexpected and surreptitious side show discussion when attending a conference.  A  subtle yet powerful reminder of the investment we make every day, and the mutual recognition that truly, the only people that can understand the depth and intricacies of what we do- is each other.


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