CREF 2014: Live Blog- Day 1


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Editors Note:

Welcome on Day 1 of CREF 2014!  I am attending this year, and will be Live Blogging this event throughout the next 4 days.  Please check back often for updates as they happen.

Thanks for following ‘Surfers, and enjoy the conference 🙂

Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP

Circuit Surfers dot com

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CREF day 1

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How odd-

Started the day early and found the Bayfront Hilton- home of the CREF conference 2014.

Walked into the exhibitors hall- and yes- there was a booth for ‘Surfers.  So I set that up and kind of have a little rabbit hole to hang my hat and sign on- next to a construction yard full of seriously large crates with big corporate names on them.


I walk with the industry giants for the time being- although I am clueless how to act or what to say.

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It’s not like I’m selling anything- just relaying a steady message that we as an collective  effort are better as a whole than the sum of our 2-2

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Waiting for the conference to begin.

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Day 1 Schedule:


Day 1 1

Notes & Observations:

Didn’t attend the CPR class although I believe 4 people recertified.

The retirement class was a little too scary to go to- so missed that too…Space 1

Day 1 2

Notes & Observations:

A nice intro by Al Stammers- thank you.  He also thanked ‘Surfers for the art work- and I was able to express my thoughts on the purpose for the blog in terms of it being a fresh and FREE resource for all perfusionists.

The Heart Failure talk was truly excellent.

Good history, discusses classification of patients and destination therapy.

1st generation – cumbersome. Usually needs to be changed out at 6 months.

Downsides to VADs- preload and after load dependent.

Clean presentation.

LVADS now have a 60% survival rate- as bridges to transplant.Space 1

Day 1 3

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Notes & Observations:


So Finally had the big moment at 5 pm when the Industry Exhibits were opened for the first time to the general perfusion public.  I had been wearing 3 badges so to speak- all day.  An attendee, an exhibitor, and a poster presenter.


I felt like a 3rd world dictator with a bunch of gaudy medals hanging from my suit.


But it went well, and ‘Surfers got a very warm reception from many many perfusionists.

One Turkish perfusionist for whom I had posted an ad for a perfusion conference in Turkey, had me take several pictures with him- to prove he had met “Circuit Surfers”.

I told him to write an article- in Turkish, and we would publish it.  Who cares if we can’t read it- they come and support us- and I’m sure most Turks don’t speak much English.

Perfusion however is a universal language- as is the art on the blog- so yeah, it all works out to the benefit of everybody.

Cya 🙂

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