CoronoVirus = ECMO or Mass Hysteria?

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Got up- and guess what?  It’s Super Bowl Sunday 🙂

But that is a side note for this article- as my first official act was to go on FB and check out the page- got a friend request from a perfusionist in Bangalore, India-

Geetha Murugesan.

Anyway I would like to thank Geetha Murugesan for pointing me to the video below on a successful ECMO recovery in the province of Wuhan China. This sort of reminds me of 10 years ago when the H1N1 virus broke out throughout the world and there were waves of expectations that we were going to use ECMO extensively in the treatment and recovery for these patients. That was not the case, I did however put one patient on ECMO that had H1N1  during this time.

Our team discussed this when we were doing an add-on case for Saturday morning, and our surgeon pointed out that our annual flu virus would kill more people than this new coronavirus. This point was pretty valid, due to the fact that we vaccinate to avoid getting flu, but once we have it we treat the symptoms and the predicted mortality in the most extreme cases is less than 5%.

I included the video below not because it provides any clinical insight or recommendations for treatment and therapy, more so to highlight the different cultural approaches not only in terms of our clinical environment, but also the way social media from different countries vary in terms of news content delivery.

Most significantly, anytime a population encounters a new disease or hybrid strain, there is invariably a certain amount of public hysteria or misperception in terms of the “what’s gonna happen to all of us” question? The following discussion thread below is from the YouTube video, and runs the gamut of emotions versus reality in terms of responses or comments submitted by readers who viewed the video.

I think President Roosevelt enunciated most clearly what I interpret as the end result of everything stated in the comment section below-  “We have nothing to fear-but FEAR itself”. I highly doubt that except for an isolated case or two – that we shall see any sort of ECMO explosion related to this new virus. Of course that is NOT a prognostication or prediction- It is a PRAYER 🙂

God Speed and God Bless.

Peace 🙂

Click image above to view Video.

And….  The Countless Responses.

Coronavirus patient in Wuhan expected to leave hospital after ECMO support
Jan 23, 2020

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A 53-year-old male patient is now on the path of recovery after receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) support, local authorities said in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei Province. The news comes as a ray of hope for hundreds of coronavirus patients currently undergoing treatment. CGTN visited Wuhan’s Zhongnan Hospital for more on the story. Subscribe to us on YouTube: Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS):… Download our APP on Google Play (Android):… Follow us on: Website: Facebook:… Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: Tumblr: Weibo: Douyin:
Cecilia Erreguin
Everyone I know you guys think this man is faking his recovery but don’t let your thoughts get to you so soon because he could be telling the truth. Let’s all gather in my comment to pray for the losses to have a safe journey to heaven and those who are still fighting the disease to have a fast recovery now let’s gather around and start praying “father, help the ill of there time of need to recover from this horrible illness and keep those who did not survive there battle have a safe journey to heaven, amen.” Scientists if you are reading my comment I will be chearing you guys in spirit to find that cure as soon as you can, don’t give up keeping going


Harold E.
It’s good to hear that he is recovering and doing well. I hope that everyone who is infected with disease will have a fast and full recovery.


This seems more like a bioweapon that some how got released.


العـنقود ٰٓ
this channel is definitely run by the Chinese government. spreading poisonous propaganda will not solve this epidemic, darlings.


Explore China
Salute to these legends treating patients of dangerous corona virus which can kill them too but they are serving humanity ♥️


Wael Hijazi
A chinese nurse after getting infected said that the government is lying and there is more than 100,000 infections.


bless HKChina
I wish you all get well soon and find out the solution and control the disease.


Great that he survived..if he was needing ECMO it meant he was close to death and most people don’t make it through ECMO alive unfortunately.


Chris Micha
that procedure is hard to be done on everyone… we need the cure
my health teacher is a germaphobe so if he founds out this disease even exists hes moving to mars


Hank Moody
It’s the flu dude. This isn’t small pox. People are freaking out.
Horst Fritz
And now we got our first immune guy that can be sent into medical training to help on the front


Onion Cutting Ninja
Im going to greenland until this virus die off,BYE YEEET


Eleeth Tahgra
1:23 thats one of the many responsibilty of parents in chinese culture. Making sure your children get married.


Chinese Communist Propaganda! Yet the situation is getting worse now.
Veronica T
That’s a lot of intervention for one person. No wonder you’re running out of space and medical supplies. How can the world help you and send medical supplies?


Zo Sky
Looks so staged!


faggy maxwell
“New” coronavirus


John Shares
with so many many many many love and Blessings from Rotterdam


Torper Vazquez
Why the sounds like robot from google of chinese accent


Ray Mak
He may become the vaccine


Sandy Lewis
Wish you all the best and pray for your speedy revover. Happy Lunar New Year!


Êu mèo
This makes me so relieve!!!


Apurba Mandal
China.stop eating every moving things.


Zapocube Gaming
So can they kill the virus or the patients die?
Calvin Kong
Welldone wuhan medical staff.. hope for more miracle


Paco Pérez


Hasan Jamil
For any illness, timely treatment is key to recovery. If you think you can wait it out, think again.


Medicinko Pk
stay strong wuhan, love from pakistan


nadia pluca
Pray for Wuhan


Scott Harris 1980
Seif Aldin
In my country is spreading please have mercy on my family and indonesia
Êu mèo
Well soon we’ll have a virus that spread through videos on the internet
m. o.
give them more vitamin C, at least 3-4 g daily, it can help
Stinky Piece of Cheese
ECMO machines are pretty rare around the world..maybe one per LARGE hospital. No way its of use with a large number of patients.


Simon Nowicki
Everything it will be ok


Peter Lemmon
Well done China!


Scott Harris 1980
然后你觉得病毒落在肠子上 rán hòu nǐ jué de bìng dú luò zài cháng zi shàng
Mohamed A. Hussein
YOU CAN’T TOUCH THIS!! Zindabad Wuhan! Well done, Zhongguo! Best Greetings fron E. Africa


sathenna vlpula
It is is a dangerous virus


Scott Harris 1980
keep the news free-flowing, the public has confidence in the govt and the health services dept. when this is over, China will have gained invaluable experiences in public health care protocols and strengthening unity of the nationals.


StElLa ViSseR
ECMO?! We are doom.
Home decor & Fashion
I wish you all get well soon.
Brave Soul
This video seems like deceiving the public to believing that all is well


Peter Scholte
Contagion !!!!
Tony capricon
Uv light in hospital
Tony capricon
Use uv light in hostpital for treatment coronavirus


Tony capricon
Expose infected person to uv rays light like we use to kill germs.


Danny Lo
This is real news and excellent reporting with truthful detail information! Thank you!


Winnie the Pooh
How many died? No one knows. It’s all controlled by CCP maggots so no truth on this. That could have been a maggot working for CGTN doing his own interview.


Scott Harris 1980
zhàn shèng guàn zhuàng bìng dú 18 tiān hòu , wǒ huái yí tā kě néng huì biàn chéng liú gǎn
Raghava Reddy
Please leave some times to take the seafoods,snakes and frogs?


Jam Culpa
what u expect from this channel? you can tell the truth so that the whole world could help. we can do this. the problem you are concealing the real situation
Blackfire Wuqi shi xiansheng
Goldie Crackrocks
China govt propoganda. what about today?


Arif Khan
Aur khao Sampson ko
But do you get immunity afterwards…
Ethan Asher
As happy as i am for this person to survive this disease the care needed to cure him is not possible in on a mass scale. There are to many sick individuals to receive such intensive care.


Lucio Aguilar
The name of the patient was Sum ting Smel hir
Chris Feng
Respect science and take care. Wuhan is strong and China is strong. Hope that all Chinese overcome this disaster and become stronger.


FlyLike aButterfly
Thank you the first responders for taking great care for their patients


Is this a CCP propaganda channel or something? 100+ have died, thousands are infected, the city is on locked down, they are constructing an 2 emergency hospitals and this channel is effectively saying that 1 man is “cured!” ‍♂️. Say it as it is so the world can put the needed resources to curb this disaster. Must be very frustrating to live in China.


marco lacasse
5 million Chinese did go out for the vacation 1 week before they close everything 5 million X 4 a its a lots of person for spreading the virus
Kwazimo Kava
I don’t believe that this person is a real coronavirus patient that has been cured from this…it seems fake like it’s rehearsed…


can the infected be killed with a bullet to the head?


Pal Naresh
Sale andband khate hai chaina wale.
Carter James
Can u actually fully recover and survive or Do u get it and eventually die?
Tall Trizzles
I want to die. I want to fly high and experience the afterlife.


Mystic Artist
Bet he wouldnt gotten that here
Des Chan


So everyone get well, no fatality?




Ankit Kumar
Propganda communist media
Niki w
Propaganda videos. .
steven j
I hope all those who are infected recover fast and for this virus to stop spreading and we all live happily again and have no stress
kate ara
Hey as per recent news even pneumonia is a symptom. People who recover can have it back again. Check what Australia doctors are saying too. This is not something that can be recovered. This is cover up. Just look at videos being uploaded by citizens not these news.
BettenCourt Nuno
Do you believe Chinese announcement??
Le Corny
What if he wasnt really “cured”? What if the virus have a latency phase?


forest gump
yeah thats why the dead numbers are rising and people are collapsing on the streets.
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