Contributors : Thank You

Editor’s Note:

The list below represents only some of  the perfusionists and individuals that have contributed to this website and made an effort to improve us all.

In this case, the group below represnts the individuals who have donated pictures to the international perfusion art gallery.  A very fun and revealing project.

There are so many more contributions in terms of mission work, articles, and opinions shared-  that have benefited us all.

Thank you.


Brian C. Forsberg, MPH, CCP


Emiliano Vitalini


Michael-Joshua Morris: Heart Mate II Recipient

NYC, 2012

Gyüge Sándor


Manoj Sharma

Tagore Hospital &Heart care Centre ,Jalandhar,Punjab(India)

Stefan Seiler

Muenster, Germany

Giorgiarobertandrea Isidoro

Chieti, Abruzzi

Valerio Speciale

2012/5/6 in “Clinica S. Michele” MADDALONI (CE) near Naples

Giuseppe Salerno, chief perfusionist

2008 – Rome – Italian Congress of Cardiac Surgery

Dario Fichera

2012: Padova University Hospital, Italy

Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP

West Texas, 2011

Margaret Harrington, Perfusion Graduate, University of Iowa

Ecuador, 2011: Guayaquil, Hospital Francisco de Ycaza Bustamente

Cuneyt Imamoglu

2012 : Adatip hospital heart center-Sakarya -Turkey

Peter Damiani BS, CCP

Brooklyn, NY



Manoj Sharma


Oliver Germany


Adam Richman

February 2012, Milwaukee, WI

Pamela Balderson


Michael Pienta, CCP

2011: Northern California


Marianne Veir Pilger, CCP

2011: Madison, Wisconsin


New Delhi

Chisa Tolliver, Perfusion Associate

2006: Dallas Tx

Jennifer LaBossiere BS L-CCP

Perfusionist in Delaware

Luc Puis, Perfusionist