CircuitSurfers.Com: Softball Champions ? Really ?

Ryan, RRT- Great Pic from “The Tough Mudder” Iron Man Competition

Editor’s Note:

It’s not always bone crushing tension and stress in life as a perfusionist.  We develop “off the field” relationships with the people we work with everyday, and that’s what makes it even more worthwhile.

In this case- the latest endeavor shaped up as a softball tournament- with a team sponsored by  (and named) for- CircuitSurfers.Com.


How It Went Down

It was a pretty casual conversation I was having with Ryan (an RRT and STAT_Lab Tech) who is a guy I have really begun to rely on in the OR. 

Ryan manages our blood gasses, IABP’s, Swanns, and gets our art lines in.  Solid performer in the OR as well as on the floors.

Anyway, we have a pretty fun time in the stat lab (I have a desk and computer station there for STS) and spend a lot of time laughing at life and basically ripping on whoever has the headlights on them for the day.

He casually mentioned that he needed a sponsor for his softball team (Hospital based) and so I told I would give him a donation in exchange for a couple of team shirts.

So that then bumped up to- well we can put the Circuit Surfers dot com name on the shirts as a sponsor- and better yet name the team CircuitSurfers.Com!

Yeah Buddy !  I was definitely in on that 🙂

Game Day !!!

Ok Ok… They forgot the “S”.  🙁


Ryan, RRT- Captain, Coach, and Friend…


Clint-  Solid Texas Boy …

Pre Game Strategy- Psyching out the other team




Pre Tournament


Gettin’ Pumped !


Heading out


YEAH Buddy !


The Girls 🙂


YEAH Buddy ! [2]


Eye candy


Ryan:  Mailing It in !

Victorious !!!

Game 1

W- 8-7

Game 2

W- 10-3

Game 3

W- 15-11

Championship Game

W- 23-8

And that was the end of the day !

Thanks guys for playing tough!