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Environmental protection is a priority for the conservation of precious natural resources, the sustainability of our way of life and the continued health of our planet. recognizes its responsibility as a global citizen and is continually striving to reduce the environmental impact of the products and services we offer.

ECO Friendly Policies

  1. It is our policy to limit paper usage through the implementation of electronic billing, banking, contracts and communication. only sends paper invoices, statements, proposals, faxes and contracts if a customer has absolutely no capability of electronic communication.  This policy has been in place since the inception of our company in 1995.

  2. It is our policy to ship all of our products using recycled or renewable packaging materials. Typically, this means that we use boxes made from recycled cardboard and packaging material made from cellulose or shredded documents.  Rather than using conventional stamps, postage for our letters and packages is printed on-site with our thermal laser printers.  We also recycle all of our packing material, which amounts to approximately 2500 lbs annually.

  3. It is our policy to request electronic documents from all of our vendors and store all of our corporate documents in electronic format.  If our vendor is unable to send their documents electronically, we request them to fax their documents to our E-Fax system which converts their documentation to an electronic format for email delivery.  Since secure document storage is critical, employs "document synchronization" technology to automatically backup data between several different, safe and secure physical locations.

  4. Since our web infrastructure requires multiple servers, we have chosen to utilize efficient ENERGY STAR® rated machines which utilize less than 200 watts at normal operating load.  We monitor power consumption with electronic Watt Meters and constantly tweak the power settings in an effort to achieve maximum efficiency.  ENERGY STAR® rated office equipment is also employed.  To avoid power drain, our office equipment is physically turned off when not in use.

  5. It is our policy to utilize only fluorescent and LED lighting in our office and warehouse facilities. This practice is one which any responsible perfusion service corporation should adopt today.

  6. Since employment and recruitment documentation is crucial in our industry, we have chosen to mandate electronic recruitment documentation and pay all of our employees via direct deposit.  This practice extends to all of our employment and credentialing documentation which is stored electronically. employees are able to manage everything from their call schedules and time-off request to their 401K investment accounts online, without paper usage.

  7. Inventory and supply management strategies are utilized which reduce the likelihood of unused or expired supplies.  We track our unutilized and expired supplies and are able to document waste less then 0.5% system-wide. Any expired supplies that become available are re-sterilized or donated for use on medical missions.

  8. Contaminated medical waste is an inevitable result of the products we use and the clinical services we provide. employs a multifocal approach to medical waste management and has implemented policies which govern proper disposal techniques for blood and medical waste thereby reducing the total volume generated.  As an added benefit, this has resulted in a cost savings to our client hospitals who generally pay by weight for the disposal of medical waste.

  9. Rather than purchasing brand new equipment, it is our policy to utilize manufacturer refurbished or remanufactured medical equipment when possible.  As an adjunct to this practice, we refurbish and sell or donate all of our medical equipment which we cannot use.  This strategy saves our customers money and ensures that others are able to acquire cost-effective, safe clinical hardware when financial concerns are paramount.

  10. Managing clinical data is part of our day-to-day practice and maintaining HIPPA compliance is mandated by the federal government.  With its industry partners, plans to convert its entire clinical service practice to HIPPA-compliant electronic charting in 2008.

It is of paramount importance to the Environment that we take action now and do all we can to make a positive contribution.  We are hopeful that our ECO-Friendly initiatives will be recognized not only by our customers, but also by our competitors and that this recognition will lead to wider adoption of environmentally friendly practices and further green innovation.

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