Cerebral Perfusion

Surgical Repair and Control of Upper and Lower Body Perfusion

  • Thrombosed Innonimate Artery Stent
  • Total Occlusion L & R Carotid Arteries

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Steve Sutton is well known and highly regarded in today’s Perfusion community.  He is a strong proponent for advancing Perfusion education and in pursuing that goal,  he has given numerous presentations at some of the most  premier Perfusion meetings held each year.

Along with his dedication to Perfusion as a science, Steve is tremendously compassionate in his work as a perfusionist, as a patient advocate, and as a friend and supporter to his coworkers.

He has graciously offered to assist the community by sharing some of his work with us online.  This is his 5th submission of  a series of authored posts that he is offering on a weekly basis.

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What is unique about the last few presentations, and this one as well, is the thoroughness with which the approach to perfusion and surgery has been applied.  There is a thrill to the hunt when it comes to exploring your own professional capabilities regarding your personal ability to impact in a positive way- the outcome of a difficult open heart operation.  It is captured here again.

The Presentation:

A slide from this Presentation ...

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