Cerebral Cooling (It’s NOT What You Think…)


Note the cooling coils on the surgeons head (L)

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Editor’s Note:

When I saw this on FB I had to laugh- and just say “Seriously???”.

Of course I am NOT being聽judgmental聽or anything… but I guess it begs the question: 聽pH stat or alpha Stat?

It was too funny of a picture to not put up on ‘Surfers. 聽I think it is a great reminder that we can still laugh- even in the middle of heart surgery 馃檪

Have a great day!


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CV Surgeon and ‘Surfers Editor

“The new updated version of my ‘Cool Turban’ . The device is used to cool the brain during surgery on the arteries to the brain. The plastic tubings circulate cold water by a special pump. Even a drop of 1 degree in temperature reduces dramatically any chance of brain ischemia. With me is Mr Gurcharan Singh Bedi proprietor and CEO of GS tailors who constructed the contraption . He is a master craftsman.”

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