Effect of Intraoperative Handovers of Anesthesia Care on Mortality, Readmission, or Postoperative Complications Among AdultsThe HandiCAP Randomized Clinical Trial

surgery with hands

Among adults undergoing extended surgical procedures, there was no significant difference between the patients randomized to receive handover of anesthesia care from one clinician to another, compared with the no handover group, in the composite primary outcome of mortality, readmission, or serious postoperative complications within 30 days.

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Coagulation Cascade (V.1)

  Intrinsic Pathway The coagulation cascade is initiated when blood becomes traumatized by exposure to a foreign surface.  An example of this is the initiation of cardiopulmonary bypass.  Blood contact with the polyvinyl chloride tubing utilized in the extracorporeal circuit, the squeezing mechanism of the roller head pump, and various applications of blood filtering devices,…

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