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The Currents, Eddys & Riptides- of Open-Heart Surgery

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Heparin (v.1)

HEPARIN   ONSET:   Maximal at 1 minute past atrial delivery: Measured at radial artery.  Note:  10-20% reduction in svr without affecting c.o. and or h.r.   LUNG VS MUCOSAL:   Mucosal requires larger doses- but can be reversed with 25-30% less protamine:  greater postoperative blood loss associated with mucosal heparin- speculated to result from…

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Protamine Protamine, a polycationic protein derived from salmon milt, possess strong alkalinity because of an amino acid composition consisting of 67% arginine.  In its natural state, the numerous positive charges on the protamine molecule bind with the negatively charged phosphate groups of the nucleoprotein material of salmon sperm.  Heparin, a polyanion, binds ionically to protamine…