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The Currents, Eddys & Riptides- of Open-Heart Surgery


Molecular Cardioprotection and the Role of Exosomes: The Future Is Not Far Away

This review discusses anesthetic implications of exosome production and the future micro-RNA applications for cardioprotection.


Del Nido: It’s ALL about the Calcium Baby!

“What it boiled down to is that Del Nido, when deployed for long complex cases becomes a clinical dance.  You go from a Mechanic to an Artist if you stay true to basic principals, have the patient’s welfare as your primary concern, and you have a strong negotiating relationship with your surgeon.  Anything less is…


Del Nido cardioplegia: A one stop shot for adult cardiac surgery?

Bryan Lich This article can be found on as well as the PDC FaceBook Group. Bryan Lich, CCP is the owner and Co-Editor of Circuit Surfers.  He also manages a very informative FB page dedicated to disseminating Perfusion communication throughout the world.  This article is duplicated and forwarded here in an effort to maximize…

World Perfusion:  Us Today...

Perfusion 101: Cannulation Sketches

Editor’s Note: How often have you found yourself drawing on the back of a piece of paper, your chart, a napkin, a paper towel, or a scrap of paper- in order to draw a picture describing an anatomical aspect of perfusion, the heart, or cannulation? I know that I have done it more times than…


Del Nido for Organ Procurement?

Editor’s Note: I got this question posed to me via FB from Grant Catlett, CCP. Question for you. Awhile back you posted the results of a survey for solutions used during heart procurement. On that list was del nido. We have been using del nido for all of our adult hearts for the past 3…