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Editor’s Note:

I was reading online at the ANZP website, and came across their Links section.  I had seen it before and was impressed at the thoroughness and organization of the information, so I thought I would share it with the rest of our colleagues in the perfusion universe.

It’s pretty handy and impressive.

Thank You ANZP !

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Links to other Perfusion and Medical sites

The ANZCP Inc. does not necessarily endorse anything you might find on these sites. Please e-mail the ANZCP Website if you have an interesting site to list here.

Perfusion – Asia

Chinese Society of Extracorporeal Circulation
Indian Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion
Indian Society of Extra Corporeal Technology
Perfusion Korea
Singapore Society of Extracorporeal CirculationTechnology SSECT
Japan Society of Extra corporeal Technology

Perfusion – Australasia

The NSW Society of Cardiac Clinical Perfusionist

Perfusion – Canada

Canadian Society of Clinical Perfusion

Perfusion – Europe

College Francais de Perfusion
French College of Perfusion
Croatian Society of Extracorporeal Circulation
The European Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion
Foundation European Congress on Extracorporeal Circulation Technology
Belgian Society of Extracorporeal Technology
 Dutch Society for Extracorporeal Circulation
Austrian Society of Perfusionists
 Romanian Society of Extracorporeal Technology
The Society of Clinical Perfusion Scientists of Great Britain and Ireland
Asociación Española de Perfusionistas
 Spanish Perfusion Society
 Danish Society of Extracorporeal Technology
 Norwegian Society of Extracorporeal Technology
Swedish Society of Extracorporeal Technology
 Scandinavian Society of Extracorporeal Technology
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kardiotechnik e.V.
German society for cardio-vascular engineering
Italian Perfusion Resource Italian Perfusion resource
Italian Association of Perfusionists alt
Czech Society of Extracorporeal Circulation
SwissPerfusion Swiss
Russian Professional Union of ExtraCorporeal Technology

Perfusion – Middle East & Africa

Perfusionist Association of Turkey
Lebanese College of Perfusionists in Cardiac Surgery
Saudi Arabi Society of ExtraCorporeal Technology
Perfusion South African
South Africa

Perfusion – South America

Asociación de Perfusionistas de  la República Argentina
Brazilian Society of Extracorporeal Circulation
Perfusion Line
Latin American directory of Perfusion resources

Perfusion – USA

American Society of Extracorporeal Technology (AmSECT)
American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion
American Academy of Cardiovascular Perfusion (AACP)
PerfList home page perflist
The Perfusion Page
Extracorporeal Life Support Organisation (ELSO)
Medical University of South Carolina
Perfusion Community

Perfusion – International

International Consortium for Evidence-Based Perfusion
International Society of
Extracorporeal Technology



Other Societies

Journals & Search Engines

Google Scholar
Academic search engine
The Journal of Extracorporeal Technology
published by Arnold in the UK
Canadian Perfusion
Latin American Journal of Extracorporeal Technology
Latin American Journal of Extracorporeal Technology
Nederlands Society of Extracorporeal circulation Journal
International Journal of Artificial Organs
Internet Journal of Perfusionists
International Perfusion Journal
Multimedia Manual of Cardiothoracic Surgery MMCTS
Interactive CardioVascular & Thoracic Surgery ICVTS
Cardiac Surgery in the AdultPerfusion Chapter CSA


Event calendars

Australian Government

Perfusion simulation

  • Sydney Medical Simulation Centre – a training and research facility that specializes in Clinical Skills, Human Factors and Patient Safety training for multidisciplinary critical care teams using a suite of simulators.  
  • ULCO technologies – designer and manufacturer of ‘Orpheus’ perfusion simulator
  • CardioSimulator – Simulator for Extracorporeal simulation in Germany

Perfusion Blogs

Surfers Logo

  • Circuit Surfers -perfusionist forum for discussion, and a reservoir for perfusion related information, trends, and updates


  • HospitalWeb List of hospitals which have web sites (including Australian hospitals).
  • MAUDE (FDA’s Manufacturer And User Facility Device Experience database) – is a searchable storehouse of all medical device failure reports and you can find the real deal on problems with that new oxygenator before you start using it.
  • Dave McCloskey’s Perfusion Database
  • Perfusion Bookstore
  • EuroScore – European system for Cardiac Operative Risk Evaluation. Includes a downloadable calculator to determine operative risk of mortality.
  • Perfusion Guidelines – a registry of perfusion related protocols
  • Manbit Technologies – includes multiple choice questions, haemoglobin dissociation curve programme, information on ‘Anaesthetic Record Keeper & Information System’ for use with Sarns Heart lung machine, Pulmonary artery catheter simulator etc
  • The Medical Algorithms Project – Computation, formula, survey, or look-up table, useful in healthcare. More than 7000 algorithms, organized into 45 chapters, are available as spreadsheets which can be opened in your browser
  • Cardiothoracic imaging – Imaging from Yale University School of Medicine. An illustrated tutorial particularly aimed at medical students.
  • Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. Excellent resource for paediatric related perfusion protocols and presentations
  • Perfusion line – commercial perfusion resource site
  • ECCBook – Extracorporeal Circulation and Cardiac Surgery ‘e-learning’

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