CaCl Shortage ? FYI ( Yeah There Is … )

CaCl pic

Is it Real ?


Yeah …  It is.

I was just informed we have enough at one of our hospitals for about 4 cases…

The impact here (for us) is that we have a practice that does a large volume of Platelet Gel cases, basically for every heart as well as vascular, ortho and GYN.

Currently we mix 5 cc of 10% CaCL with recombinant thrombin and are now considering switching to Calcium Gluconate.

The difference between calcium chloride and gluconate is the amount of elemental calcium. A 10% CaCl solution has 27mg/ml of elemental calcium whereas a 10% calcium gluconate solution has 9mg/ml.  So in terms of measured drug volume- in order to achieve the same concentration as CaCL, we need to use 3 times as much Calcium Gluconate.

Any suggestions on resources ???

Calcium Chloride





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Calcium Gluconate

Ca Gluconate




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Editors Note:

This shortage looks to be resolved in a relatively short period of time.  The fact that we have had so many shortages over the past two years is disturbing.  It undermines the fabric on which medicine in America is based, and is embarrassing when the same drugs are so readily available across our borders or the oceans.

Our manufacturing base needs to be extended and expanded, but not at the cost of quality and refinement. 

It is surprising to me- how it seems we are always surprised these days ???