Board Certified Thoracic CV Surgeon: Seeking Position in New Practice


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Editor’s Note:

This came across my desk today.

Board certified cardiac surgeon is seeking a position / practice to join.  15 years experience as a practicing cardiothoracic surgeon, with cardiovascular fellowship training completed at Texas Heart Institute.  Specialty fellowship in cardiac transplantation completed at Texas Heart Institute.

He carries a substantial resume’ as well as a tremendous reputation for excellent outcomes and extremely low morbidity/mortality.  He has solid set of military credentials as well, and has been practicing in the private sector for the last 9 years.

Average open-heart procedures performed per year for the last five years is 175 +.

We are a tight knit community, so I figure who knows the lay of the land (when it comes to programs needing good surgeons) better than the perfusion community?

His curriculum vitae is available on request.  Please respond privately to [email protected]

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Skills & Procedures Inventory


Abdominal aortic endovascular stent
Aneurysm false
Aneurysm repair abdominal aortic (AAA)
AV graft insertion
Brachial artery exploration
Bypass, aorta bi-femoral
Bypass, femoral popliteal
Bypass graft, carotid subclavian
Bypass graft, coronary artery (CABG)
Bypass graft, coronary artery w/aortic valve
Bypass graft, coronary artery w/endoscopic vein harvest
Catheter insertion, dialysis
Catheter insertion, Groshong
Catheter insertion, hemodialysis Tesio
Catheter insertion, Schon
Chest tubes
Debridement, trunk
Embolectomy, AV fistula
Endarterectomy, carotid
Femoral artery exploration
Femoral artery repair
Fistula AV creation
Lipoma excision, nonspecific
Mediastinoscopy with biopsy
Pacemaker Lead extraction
Pericardial window
Pleurex catheter placement
Removal catheter, dialysis
Removal catheter, hemodialysis Tesio
Removal catheter, Schon
Removal of AV graft
Repair aneurysm aortic arch
Repair atrial septal defect (ASD)
Repair/replacement aortic valve (AVR)
Repair/replacement mitral valve (MVR)
Repair/replacement mitral valve with Maze procedure
Repair/replacement tricuspid valve
Thoracotomy, exploratory
Thoracotomy, with bronchoscopy

Please respond privately to [email protected]

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