Bi-Caval Dual Lumen Catheter

Have you used a percutaneous venous cannula like this?

The AVALONELITE :  Bi-Caval Dual Lumen Catheter

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We are looking for a percutaneous cannula that transits the internal jugular to the superior vena cava, right atrium, and inferior vena cava.

I have looked at this cannula online, but it looks like it is used for beating heart surgery or ECMO?

The discussion came up because we were doing a sub-diaphragmatic renal tumor that had invaded the IVC.

Anybody with any history using this particular cannula?  As well- any recommendations for a a similar cannula (that could be used for superior venous cannulation and drainage for CPB) or your own solutions, cannula sizes, and  flow rates?

Any help or insight would be appreciated.

Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP