Back Table Setups: Bring-Back Hearts


The Setup


We were setting up case the other day, and had a new scrub getting a shot at passing instruments.  I was laughing and joked with them that it sounded like “Open Heart Boot Camp” – the way my friend  Andrea (the mentor) was drilling this young lady.

Part of her process was to have the scrubs take a picture of the setup- so they could refer to it down the road.

Well that got me thinking:  If we have a picture of it, why not send it to the Monitor we have sitting right there like a giant monolith behind the back table?  Put it on Circuit Surfers- and plop that little puppy straight from this site, to the monitor feed?

We have the technology- so Let’s Use It.

Why Not Turn This

Into This ?

So now we have…

Part 1 of a series called Back Table Setups

The Bring Back Heart

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The Back Table


De-Fib Paddles, Sutures, Forceps, & Such


Slush Machine


Gowns / Gloves / Light Handles / Draping


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