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The Father of a Perfusionist

Meet My Dad. This is a long lost picture of my father that my brother Hugh sent to me from Nicaragua. He was an associate professor of French and Italian @ Purdue University.  Retired emeritus, born in Milano Italy, worked in America, retired in France, and passed last August 2011. God Bless you Dad !…

Drawing up some Albumin for Later ...

MicroCircuits & Rapping : [Reprint]

MicroCircuits & Rapping (Click Here if you want to skip to a list of posts) In the last 15 months, our institution decided to get aggressive about reducing our transfusion rate, and the numbers of patients that had postoperative bleeding issues. Originally our aim was to reduce the circuit size and use the integrated microcircuits…


Perfusion Art: “Detail”

“Detail”    _____________Click image to enlarge Photographer:  Malte Equipment:  Digital Editing:  Malte Narrative:  With best regards from Norway Time & Place:   Norway About The Artist: Click to Donate Click here to View Gallery Any Donations are for the cost and development of an International Perfusion Art Gallery, Framing, Printing, Matting, and Expenses associated with delivering the…

WPS|Ready To Go On

Thank You Wisconsin Perfusion Society :

Click to Visit WPS Thanks Marianne Veir Pilger, Eric D Rauch, and the Wisconsin Perfusion Society for including ‘Surfers in their list of links to visit! That is an honor, and having been to a couple of WPS conferences, (of course knowing MVP), it means a lot to be considered a resource worth visiting by…


ANZCP 2012 Meeting: Uluru

Click Image to View Conference Details 1-2 November 2012 / Uluru Northern Territory Uluru is one of Australia’s most recognizable natural landmarks. The sandstone formation stands 348 m (1,142 ft) high (rising 863 m/2,831 ft above sea level), with most of its bulk lying underground, and has a total circumference of 9.4 km (5.8 mi).[4] Both Uluru and the nearby Kata…


Perfusion Art: “The Hands Give Life”

“The Hands Give Life”    __________________Click image to enlarge Photographer:  Peter Damiani BS, CCP Equipment:  Digital Canon F1 Editing:  Peter Damiani Narrative:  The Team Gives Support, The Device Gives Hope, The Hands Give Life Time & Place:   Brooklyn, NY About The Artist:  CCP Click to Donate Click here to View Gallery Any Donations are for the cost and development…

Norsect Reply

Thank You NORSECT :

Click to Visit NORSECT Well thank you.  This is the first endorsement I have gotten from any perfusion organization, and I appreciate it very much.  The comments you included were very kind 🙂 I encourage any of your members to submit perfusion related photos for the International Perfusion Art Gallery.  Eventually we WILL be able…

Bivad Timeline|401

A Bridge to Transplant ? How About a BRIDGE to Medicare … ?

Click to Enlarge Day:1 Day + Day + Day + Day + Day + Day + Day + Day + Epilog … Click to Enlarge You Figure It Out …

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Balancing Costs and Best Practices (EP Video)

David Fitzgerald discusses the process of balancing cost with best practice considerations (40:08 minutes).

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Ambulatory ECMO as a Bridge to Lung Transplant (EP Video)

Desiree Bonadonna discusses ECMO as viable bridge to Lung Transplantation (11:15 minutes).

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New Life Support System Enhances Safety and Ease of Inter-Hospital Transport of Patients on ECMO (EP Video)

Dr. Cory Aldwart discusses the Maquet Cardiohelp and how it eases ECMO transport (12:33 minutes).

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Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis to Prevent Aortic Root and Valve Clots During LVAD Support (EP Video)

Dr. Poullis discusses computational fluid dynamic analysis during LVAD support (7:08 minutes).

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Rate of Cooling and Rewarming in Cardiac Surgery (EP Video)

Dr. Poullis discusses the current trends with the rate of rewarming for cardiopulmonary bypass (4:17 minutes).

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Critical Oxygen Delivery Profile as a Transfusion Trigger during Cardiopulmonary Bypass (EP Video)

George Justison discussing using the oxygen delivery profile as a transfusion trigger during CPB (14: 36 minutes).

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Successful Utilization of Left Ventricular Assist Device as a Bridge to Transplant (EP Video)

Jessica Allen presents a case report of the successful use of an LVAD as a bridge to transplantation (8:28 minutes).

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A Comparison of Gaseous Microembolic Load When Priming the Arterial Line Filter Antegrade Versus Retrograde (EP Video)

Jordan Brimhall discusses the GME load for priming the arterial line filter retrograde vs. antegrade (7:36 minutes).

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Pediatric Patient with Stage IV Right Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma Extending into Right Atrium (EP Video)

Kaitlyn Gage presents a case report on a pediatric patient with cortical carcinoma extending into the right atrium (10:39 minutes).

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Case Report of Multiple Accidental Hypothermic Drowning (EP Video)

Matthew Davis presents a case report on multiple accidental hypothermic drowning (23:54 minutes).

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Garlic, Ginger, Ginkgo and Ginseng and the Effects on the Perioperative Period (EP Video)

Michelle Benson discusses the effect of herbal medications on the perioperative coagulation status (11:48 minutes).

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Redo Mitral Valve Replacement in a Pregnant Jehovah’s Witness with a Left Ventricular Assist Device and a History of Drug Abuse: A Case Report (EP Video)

Michelle Benson presents a case report on a Redo MVR on a pregnant Jehovah’s Witness patient (15:45 minutes).

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Identifying Specific Causes of Gaseous Microemboli Generation in the Extracorporeal Circuit Using the EDAC Quantifier (EP Video)

Nhan Le discusses the use of the EDAC to identify specific causes of gaseous microemboli (12:28 minutes).

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Hospital Systems and Perfusion Leaders (EP Video)

Nick Mellas discusses hospital systems and how to become a leader in perfusion (24:27 minutes).

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Management 101 (EP Video)

Ronald D. Matheis discusses the concepts of Management 101 in perfusion business practice (24:41 minutes).

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AmSECT International Conference 2012 National Award Ceremony (EP Video)

Susan Englert presents the annual awards at the 2012 AmSECT International Conference (106:51 minutes).