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Japanes Art

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Editor’s Note:

I sent out a post on FB to get more people from the international perfusion community- to consider participating in the perfusion art gallery.  Here is one response:

Dear Mr. Frank Aprile

Please find attached a picture.

This picture was taken by Takuma Douguchi.

Please let me know if you do not have resolution of your request.

The project about “Perfusion Art Gallery” is very significant, and we are interested in it, but it hasn’t been known yet in Japan.

We will have perfusion conference in Hiroshima in 2014 (

At that time, we want Japanese perfusionists to know this culture, and we want to take place “Perfusion Art Gallery” for Japan in this perfusion conference.

Please tell us what admission we need.

Best regards,


Hiroshima University Hospital

Shigeyuki Okahara

[email protected]


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Submitted from Hiro’s FB page

Space 1

And… A Project Begins 🙂

Dear Shige,

We will include these pictures in the International Perfusion Art Gallery.  As far as developing your own gallery, please feel free to ask for any assistance in this endeavor, as clearly- art transcends cultural and language barriers between us all.

Looking forward to viewing your anticipated project.


Frank Aprile