Adversity is a Simple Sentence: LIFE is about your FAMILY


My daughter, Maria 🙂

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I think every once in awhile we have a moment where we need to step back, take a breath and realize the day in front of us isn’t going to be the day we thought it was going to be.  Clearly that is a forgone conclusion.

Good days, bad days, and then sometimes just days that remind you that what was in front of you last week, isn’t there today.

Well I had that kind of a day.  And it’s ok, didn’t change anything really, my life is good, my family’s good, and tomorrow has opportunities unrealized by the tether’s of yesterday.

That is a lot more than perhaps my daughter’s mom who had two stents put in place today, had in her future challenged on a Friday night when she was admitted to a hospital with the “gorilla on the chest” feeling.

That was scary for her, as well as me and the rest of the family.  .

It kind of puts things into perspective when a family member gets sick, and the dumb things we worried about the day before- are exactly that- just shallow and irrelevant.

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