Adrenaline Rush … The Aftermath


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The photo was taken with consent from our patient, Mr. Zou. He underwent a 4V CABG and 6 hours after an uneventful surgery, a sudden dilemma happened in ICU that prompted the team to have an emergency IAB insertion and re-operation.

That Friday Madness thing was a hopeless scenario inside the operating room. From cardiac massage, a number of blood transfusions and speedy insertion of a “LIFE SAVING” mechanical device – IABP, everyone has gone out of optimism.


But still, everyone’s life depends on the POTTER’s hands. We were just parts of the Potter’s wheel to execute the best that we can do with speed and precision.

Mr. Zou is just very happy for his second life and this simply portrays that regardless of race, nationality, language and culture, these should not hinder us to be human – TO CARE FOR OTHER’s WELFARE.

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