The “How & Why …” (1st Official ‘Surfers Post)

This is a forum for discussion, a reservoir for perfusion related information, trends, and updates.

The intent of this blog is to allow the perfusion community to stay mainstream with current media innovations and directions.

Any and all contributions are welcome, Article and post submissions are welcome as well.

You can search for posts or content using the search function- or you can get a list of related posts by clicking on individual categories or post tags (see side bar).

For Example-

Click on a Topic in the “Tag Cloud” or on a Category- to see related posts…

I selected “Perfusion Concepts” and the following is a sample of related articles returned by the search…

Returned Posts from the clicking on the “Perfusion Concepts” Category…

Think of this as a resource AND more importantly- a discussion forum that you can join and leave at anytime.  The only rules are to treat others as well as you treat your patients.

Also- if you subscribe via email- (see side bar) you will be notified anytime a new post goes up- kind of like having a library come to you…

It might take a bit to get going, but I think in a reasonably short time, you may come to rely on a visit here or there to check things out.

This blog will be available to your phone as well as having a twitter presence.  Instant communication is a luxury we now have and should exploit in terms of it’s advantages to come up with real-time solutions to clinical problems/needs as they arise.

So Twitter kind of becomes the “X” factor for solving real time perfusion issues.  I set up a twitter account for this blog and you can see it here…

If you have a Twitter account- sign yourself up to follow the CircuitSurfers Twitter account– and any message that are tweeted or retweeted you will be able to see.

For example- If I had a problem with handling a pregnant lady on bypass, and I wanted to get some help or info before the case started – or even if I was already on bypass I might twitter:

@CircuitSurfers:  Need help- any info on CPB and Preg?

Tweet 1: Asking for Resources…

The response I would get would be from whoever was following the CircuitSurfer twitter account.

It might look something like this:

Tweet 2: The response with online links for the problem …

The links provided from this response will allow you from your phone to access the infromation from the net…

Here are the links:

First Link:

Second Link:

It’s What We Do…

The blog will be populated with current topics for discussion, but as well, shall be an education resource (see side bar for topics).

The agenda is to improve us as a whole, and reflect the sharp edge of the sword that made us perfusionists to begin with…

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Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Frank Aprile, BBA LP CCP

email: [email protected]

(Please leave Comments below- and let me know what you think- and any suggestions you might have to make this better)