A Roman Dialogue: [1]



Mr. Emiliano Vitalini, CCP is an Italian perfusionist that sent a note my way, and sent me a link to his impressive website https://www.perfusione.net/.

I took a look at it and was amazed at the body of work- and the time and dedication it took.  I don’t speak Italian, although my family name and history has it’s roots in Mossa, Italy.  But I can recognize the effort and intent when I see it.  I added Emiliano’s website to my sidebar on the left hand side, “International Links”.

I asked if we could conduct an online dialogue, and Emiliano has agreed to do an interview for us:

So here we go… (click on images to enlarge)

(Meet Emiliano Vitalini, CCP)

Question 1:

Can you tell me a bit about the type of clinical setting you work in is, the position or role you play, what it’s like to be a perfusionist in Italy?


Dear Frank, here I’m…

Forgive me for the delay in answering your e-mail but those days I’ve been very busy and afflicted by a strong flu.

Thanks God now I’m fine.

This is a picture of me working in the surgery room, just take a look and let me know if it’s ok or you need something else.

Hear you soon.


My Background

I’m very lucky because I work with such professional, specialized and well trained team (coordinated by Mr.Carlo Contento CCP).

I got my degree in cardiovascular perfusion on November 2003. My first professional experience was in Cagliari, a beautiful city located in Sardegna.

(Click to View Cagliari)

From 2006 until now, I belong to the perfusion team of St.Camillo-Forlanini hospital of Roma (Italy) operating in the departement of cardiac surgery.

Every year we perform in adults at least 1000 surgeries and as perfusionist I’m involved in:

  • minimally invasive cardiac surgery,
  • heart failure surgery,
  • CABG surgery,
  • heart transplant,
  • heart preservation during explantation,
  • VADS implantation (Cardiowest TAH, heart mate II, heartware, ECMO support, Levitronix centrimag implantation, IABP),
  • dozen of mitral valve repairs via mini-thoratocomy and aortic valve replacement via mini-sternotomy,
  • ascending aorta and arch surgery,
  • redo surgery,
  • Trans apical valve implantation
  • and also, partial left heart by pass with centrifugal pump during repair of thoracic descending aorta.

So you can understand why I’m lucky, in fact working in a centre like this every day I have the chance to increase my skills and at the same time to learn something more to expand my knowledge (theoretical and practical).

My passion for this job didn’t arrest at the surgery room and for this reason I decided to do something else.


Just after the degree I started to develop the project of perfusione.net with the aim to create something different than the ordinary perfusion site and finally I published it on line on October 2004.

I must confess at first was very hard to me developing such an important project by myself but I worked very hard and here we are…

Actually perfusione.net I guess is one of the most important and well recognized perfusion websites.

For the next future first of all my aim is to keep myself updated and looking for continuous education and human improvement.

Thank you for your attention.

Emiliano Vitalini CCP

Department of cardiac surgery St.Camillo-Forlanini Hospital of Roma (Italy)

Site admin & webmaster perfusione.net


To Be Continued …