A Question from Japan [ 2 ]

Facebook Thread Authored By:  Hiroyuki Kuromitsu (Hiro)

Editor’s Note:

Once again, just checking early morning news and chatter on Facebook, and another interesting discussion rears it’s head.  This discussion can be found on the FB group Gruppo dei Perfusionisti!!!  founded by Giuseppe Salerno an Italian perfusionist that I have worked with on several projects and consider a colleague AND a friend

I highly recommend this site: 

As a perfusionist, this site is a rewarding and refreshing collection of intrepid souls- exploring both perfusion and other aspects of the good life…

La Dolce Vita … 🙂

What is this  Residue ?

The author says he will clue us in tonight when he wakes up in Japan

And… The Discussion…

Any Suggestions or theories ?