A Moment of Silence

To NOT address the loss of 12 Americans, and more than 50 injured, is not in my capacity.

We lost a lot this last Thursday. 

And the world no doubt wonders- and worries.

As perfusionists we are used to control.

It’s what we do. 

We control outcomes. 

We deal with preconditions.

We marshal ourselves.

We are always ready…

But what we are not geared for is the complete  disrespect for human life …

To witness such a total disregard for the living, and what it means to the extensions and connections to others that a life implies, is unimaginable to me.

And I am not naive.

There is no WHY ?

There is NO speculation into the mind of a man that decides one day to kill so many, it is beyond the scope of anything we as healthcare providers can comprehend- to deal with that sort of diametrically opposed mindset.

How terribly sad for all those there, and all of us who couldn’t help.

The vision of that tragedy- well it enters once in awhile- on bypass on Friday morning- on a terribly difficult case- it was an image that crossed my mind- no doubt many of you as well.

The world is a scary place.

And we try to make it a little less scary.

Sorry for the bummer of a post.  But felt like I had to at least honor the memory of the souls lost that day.

To The Fallen …

Do I believe in America ?  Yes I do.