A Locum’s ScrapBook: Home2 Suites! An Oasis in Southern Indiana :)

Editor’s Note:

As part of this series A Locum’s ScrapBook, I tried to detail every aspect of perfusion life that traveling contract perfusionists such as myself encounter during our travels to various contract sites. I’ve done a few reviews of places that I stayed because I think it’s important and relevant to travelers such as myself. As well I think we all like to acknowledge the things in life that make it just a little easier to do the things we do, and as we do them throughout our individual journeys.

I have visited quite a few hotels over the last 6 years.

During the last 6 months of this particular stay in Evansville, Indiana, I decided to mix it up a little bit and check out different accommodations, not because the last hotel had anything wrong with it, but after a few months in one place- new scenery and a change of pace is invigorating and helps stave off the realization that hits us all once in a while, that we sure as heck are gone from home a lot.

So anyway, the the staff here at Home2 Suites have been more than professional and accommodating and deserve some recognition for their efforts- so I thought that I would give them a shout out for making my stay as comfortable as it is been.

This property is Very New and it shows. The decor is great, the design is modern, an excellent breakfast buffet, and the amenities are current and up-to-date.

This is the third property I stayed at while in Southern Indiana, all of them have been good, but this place has my strongest recommendation for any healthcare professional that migrates through Evansville, Indiana to work at any of the hospitals in this area.

Have fun with this and enjoy, while it’s not DIRECTLY about perfusion, it certainly reflects one aspect of perfusion life as well is a large part of locum’s contract perfusion.

Peace 🙂



Says a lot when a Heart Transplant Pt RECS you 🙂

A Locum’s ScrapBook: Home2 Suites! An Oasis in Southern Indiana 🙂

Getting to Hospitals 52 53 54  

This is WHERE IT HAPPENS!  If not for Pauline…

I wouldn’t be doing THIS 🙂

You could eat off this floor- But I’m not Gonna LOL

Gift of the forbidden fruit??  NOT!  Just a fun pose for this article lol 🙂

Of all the people I have met here at H2- the hardest worker- and person who tries the hardest to make a difference is HALLE 🙂

She exudes empathy and a passion for this industry.  Should have a clear shot to Management IMO-

Way to go HALLE!

This guy Anthony is an amazingly SOLID guy!  Always upbeat and super friendly.  A very kind man- and a tremendous ambassador for this hotel.

Oh Yeah???

Natasha– I believe she is the Assistant GM?  Doing some cool projects.  Very even keeled- professional to the MAX- and has a genuine smile )

Amy is the backbone of this hotel.  She is the ultimate professional- and genuinely cares.  She fixes everything that needs fixing- and her feathers don’t get ruffled- ever 🙂

She’s good with pets and genuinely cares

The 2 Amigas!  Natasha– (I call her “RED” ) and Jayne having fun at the front desk!

This is Noah and Halle  No…  They aren’t doing the Star Wars Light Sabre thing- just playing around with windshield scrapers.  Noah went above and beyond on my first day here- I was half asleep getting into my car to drive to the hospital- when here was some guy I didn’t even know- scraping off my windshield!  Wow!  That made a seriously lasting impression.

Demetrius!  This gentleman is the coolest- Super friendly- and ALWAYS smiling 🙂

Where I’m writing this article 🙂