A Locum’s ScrapBook: Friday Night Lights


Fading out… 5 days left here and i’m becoming a memory 🙂

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FA 2016

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My life is Family First and then Perfusion.  I switched from staff perfusionist to becoming a Locum’s traveler to make sure my kids and family would have a solid place to call home.  I travel because it puts me in charge of my life, it is challenging, and I enjoy learning new techniques, other ways of doing things, as well as getting exposure to alternate approaches and paradigms.  

So I took my show on the road.  As such, every once in awhile I will be dropping a few notes and pictures of places visited, and observations made.  In a sense, the beginning of a scrap book on Open Heart Surgery in America (and other places if possible).”

Enjoy 🙂


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Friday Night Lights

FA 10 2016 2

Arriving to the hospital, 3 heart day, I’m on call so it’s gonna be lunch reliefs, and the last heart of the day…



Calling home to chat with my wife and family- waiting for the case to get started….



The spoookiest of spooky midnight hallways- just waiting for a creepy clown to pop out while heading to the parking garage…



A world below me continues to live late into the night- case went well, and the patient is in the ICU.



Remember the movie “Back to the Future”?  The part where the picture starts to fade out as the future is changed?  This is me fading out… 5 days left here and i’m starting to disappear on my way to becoming a memory 🙂



If I was a Zombie, this is where I would live…



I always park on the 7th (top) level of the parking Garage, so I can breathe fresh air, and see a beautiful world out there.



I’m off to head to the hotel.  Might as well run over some of those damn Zombies waiting on the 7 levels below me 🙂

Have an excellent weekend guys !!!

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