A Locum’s ScrapBook: “Enuff to Survive- But NOT to Thrive…”

“Not a lot about heart surgery here- unless you want to draw a comparison of the title of the post “Enuff to Survive- But NOT to Thrive…” as a metaphor for hypo-perfusion?”


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My life is Family First and then Perfusion.  I switched from staff perfusionist to becoming a Locum’s traveler to make sure my kids and family would have a solid place to call home.  I travel because it puts me in charge of my life, it is challenging, and I enjoy learning new techniques, other ways of doing things, as well as getting exposure to alternate approaches and paradigms.

So I took my show on the road.  As such, every once in awhile I will be dropping a few notes and pictures of places visited, and observations made.  In a sense, the beginning of a scrap book on Heart Surgery in America (and other places if possible).”

Enjoy 🙂


“Enuff to Survive- But NOT to Thrive…”

A brief split from the current and dark themes of harassment etc- that seems to pervade the news cycles these day- (as well as this blog).

Unless you are a traveler, this post may not suit you- as it centers on the whimsical and frivolous vignettes of life on the road.  Not a lot about heart surgery here- unless you want to draw a comparison of the title of the post “Enuff to Survive- But NOT to Thrive…” as a metaphor for hypo-perfusion?

Nah… That’s a pretty long reach LOL 🙂

It’s a brief snapshot of a window into the lives of travelers that do what we do… Provide Locum’s Perfusion Services to open heart programs with staffing shortages.

Basically- some insight into where we choose to toss our hat and stay for the duration of our contract and how that makes a big difference in the quality of life we can expect for the next few days, weeks, or months.

I am currently staying at Candlewood Suites in Mishawaka, Indiana, a stone’s throw to the hospital.  It literally took me 14 minutes from the time I picked up the phone- to entering the OR (yes- I did brush my teeth) when being called in for an emergency case the other day.

The staff at this new property is very friendly and are outgoing and well spoken,  Hence this post 🙂

I met Keishanda (Guest Services Rep) a couple of times during this week- mostly in passing as this account is pretty busy.  What caught my attention – was that Kieshandra sounds just like comedienne Wanda Sykes?  All you members of her family out there?  Am I right?  She sounds like Wanda Sykes!  LOL

This morning we had a chance to speak, and we discussed goals and life dreams.   I was impressed by her forthrightness, and her spiritual commitment to possibly entering the Ministry as her Life’s vocation.  We talked about college, and the “bubbles” we all find ourselves in at certain points in our lives.  As we talked, somewhere this catchy phrase slipped out of my mouth when discussing how we find ourselves treading water at many seminal points in our lives as we wait for doors to open in the direction we choose to head.  The meme?  “Enuff to Survive- But NOT to Thrive…”.  We both laughed, but we agreed it was catchy- and my decision was cemented to go ahead and write a Locum’s post about this encounter- encapsulating this theme.

Anyway, I took some pictures of this property, and it isn’t Home” BUT it’s a very comfortable place to stay- with exceptional accessibility to some of the nicer things that South bend and Mishawaka have to offer.  In terms of dollar value- it is extremely well priced for the amenities it offers.

No it’s not a plug for the hotel- but it IS a hint for future Locum’s traveling out this way 🙂