A Locum’s ScrapBook: Decompressing

US 2015

Our initials: Carved into the tower exactly 11 years ago when we first met…

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Editor’s Note:

I’m doing some perfusion traveling as I am taking my show on the road.  As such, every once in awhile I will be dropping a few notes and pictures of places visited, and observations made.  In a sense, the beginning of a scrap book on Open Heart Surgery in America (and other places if possible).

37 hospitals and counting (places I have put someone on CPB).

Enjoy 🙂



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A Locum’s ScrapBook:  Ya Gotta Decompress

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I try to cover most perspectives as a locums- in terms of how it translates clinically to perfusion and heart surgery.  I also try to engage the reader as to some of the more subtle things that affect us as perfusionists, that may or may not come into play during our performance in the cardiac arena.  What it boils down to is this:  If it affects you, the perfusionist, it will eventually impact your practice and outlook (which is neither a good or a bad thing- just something to be aware of…)

We are called Locums, Travelers, Nomads, etc, with of course, the tag of perfusionist behind all of that.  A lot of people think what we do is either crazy, extremely stressful, or the full circle rush that is the sought-after-treat for adrenaline junkies.

I have probably fit all of the above conceptions at one point or another, but have found that this line of work is truly demanding yet utterly rewarding for a number of reasons.  The demands are simply stated that unless you are single- you are removed from your family.  That is probably the toughest proposition in front of a locums.

Being away from your family hurts on a number of levels, but is part of the game, so you make adjustments, use new media more extensively (FB, FaceTime, Skype).  Daily contact softens the blow, and depending on the type of assignments you have- a week isn’t bad, two weeks is bearable, three weeks and you find yourself splurging, and beyond four it becomes a waiting game to get back home.  Those are the moments when you almost fast-forward your life past all the commercials- to the next visit home.


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The Frogs in the Pool !


So when you do make it home, between assignments- you have to make it count, stay off the grid, and spend time with your family.  It is after all the primary reason you are traveling to begin with- to take care of them, and as well, to not forget to take care of yourself.

I just finished enjoying the BEST month of my life 🙂

And tomorrow I will be looking forward to doing some of this…


Gotta Love it … 🙂


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