A Locum’s ScrapBook: “How Did I Get Here?”


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Editor’s Note:

This section and series is dedicated to the few of us that do locums perfusion and choose it for whatever reasons.

Although I have taken a theme of the Nomad to emphasize some of the superficial aspects of Locums Tenons work in the field of perfusion, the pictures don’t tell the story- superior outcomes are suggested here- because when we are all challenged to prove ourselves- I believe we pay more attention and try just a little bit harder to demonstrate our worth.

Nomads Disappear… OUR outcomes don’t 

There is a certain unbridled freedom to being a locums perfusionist.   It is free because ultimately you are the designer of your own course.  It is always with challenges that the more stolid and rigid in our profession- prefer not to engage in due to either inflexibility, or perhaps just a lack of enthusiasm to challenge the status quo of their particular department and cardiac world.

Neither is better or worse.  Perfusionists in general are well equipped to adapt to new environments, technology, and changes.

There is no denying that the term “Locums” comes with preconceptions both positive and negative.  Either way it is synonymous with uncertainty of the brand of the individual in front of you.

In all respects you are under the initial microscope- scrutinized and judged- and rightfully so. You are about to walk into a clinical situation where you certainly have a person’s life in your hand, and well- that is a very big deal.

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How Did I become a Locums?

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That’s a pretty good question…


Respondent I:

“I do it for the challenge and the change of pace.  There is a profound difference when you walk into a new clinical arena- and basically just show up and get the job done- as well or better than it was done before



Respondent II:

“In my case, I was fired from a position and that was the only recourse:

When I look back I see a pool of water with everyone looking for a life preserver. And I was glad to walk away from it and preserve myself.”



Respondent III

“I enjoyed the challenge. Perfusinon is cool, and yeah I wasn’t afraid of new things- but got tired of the same day-in day-out scene…”



Respondent IV:

“I saw a lot of unhappy people in an environment of stress.  I figured this was a better OP for me 🙂 “



Respondent V:

“It is a total rush to just go to a new place- suck up how they do things- and prove myself to be a huge difference maker…”


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