A Letter to ‘Surfers : Redneck- or Bleeding Liberal ?

“Bring It ! “

Editor’s Note:

I got this letter today, and found it pretty funny. No harm and no foul either way i answer…

I enjoyed the letter and was humbled that anyone would really care enough to take the time to wonder 🙂

From Mr. Martin: (Australia)

Hi Frank

I am about to ask you an awkward question…. One which you might find funny, offensive, or may choose not to answer at all.

I would like you to settle an ongoing disagreement within our perfusion office.

We have two groups of people that are in current disagreement about your political standpoint….

One group feel that due to you geographical location you can only be a gun toting republican.

The other believe that, that can simply not be true as you are an obvious liberal with socialist desires.

Please please settle this once and for all (and once again- no offense intended)



P.S. whichever way you answer you only stand to lose at most one subscriber to the surfer site!!!!

The Liberal Blogger in his parent’s basement ???

Hi Mr. Martin …

First of all, thanks for the kind letter. It’s always nice to field a collegial question or two 🙂

So let’s take a closer look at what your are asking, and the substance of the thought process behind it.

Essentially you are conflicted by my location, but have only THAT- to contrast to what is seemingly evident and right in front of you- my writing style- which is glaringly carefree and independent (highly suggestive of a liberal or free thinking spirit).

Texans (especially West Texans) are notoriously Republican, Tea Party conservatives that believe in the 2nd amendment right to bear arms. And that is where I live.

Now I own couple of rifles or so. Might get a big ole hand cannon next time I go to the upper peninsula of Michigan (a large black bear population there in the woods).

Hence- the argument for gun-toting Redneck does have some merit based on the anecdotal evidence.

I’m gonna shoot me somethin’ …


Then again,

The evidence is indeed right in front of you. The content of this site, and more importantly, the nerve to stray away from the status quo- of the intellectually elite perfusion community, and become a trailer-trash purveyor and disseminator of non-vetted (yet definitely PEER reviewed) fresh-out-of-the-toaster perfusion tidbits, side bites, news, and updates… well that reeks of non-conformist, liberal, behavior.

But Socialist?

I think NOT.

Equal access to equal healthcare for all people?

I think SO…

Back in the day …

I think we can all Talk the Talk …

I think if I had to define myself, I would say I’m just a perfusionist, a dad, a guy in America that loves what he does, can be funny and arrogant in the same breath.

Ex Navy corpsman x 4.5 years and proud of it.

I know I don’t come off as a super intelligent perfusion giant, but I actually have been published in some serious text books and journals.

And I am certain that we all Walk the Walk …

My patients live, and don’t stroke out- that’s all I really care about. I could go into detail- but this blog isn’t about that kind of posturing.

We are all good at what we do. Time tends to weed out incompetence.

My vote is for the best team to do the best job- sans party affiliation.

We are all free thinkers behind the pump.

We have to be, to change and adopt to unexpected events and circumstances.

We are all free thinkers with conservative constraints- that adhere strictly to the rules of perfusion safety, medical science, and honor a professional and intellectual commitment to our patients.

The way I look at it is this…

No one’s getting smoked on my watch …