A Letter to ‘Surfers : IABP Protocols


From Greta:

Hey Frank How goes it?  Hope all is well in TEXAS!!!

A hospital administrator came to my office the other day and wanted to know if the Perfusion society or organization has anything in their by-laws or standard of care practices, about how often a IABP should be managed on the Nursing floor i.e. (daily checks). 

I know at some hospitals Nurses take care of the pumps once they arrive in ICU or a cardiac floor.  Our Monitor techs are coming in each day on the weekend to check the pumps and make sure all is well…this costs the hospital a minimum 4 hours of OT each day…so they want to mandate it to the nurse who is overseeing the patient. 

Do you know of anything in writing at your institution?  Just wondering.

Take care and hope all is well…..

Are you going to Mechanisms?  I am, it would be great to touch base with you one of these days.


Hey Greta,

It’s good to hear from you 🙂

We have stat lab techs that take care of the balloon pumps and inventory.  There probably is a policy- but don’t have it in front of me.

So anybody out there with a rec or suggestion?  If you do have a policy or hierarchy  by which you handle this- could you leave it in the comments section of this post?

Thanks 🙂