A Letter to ‘Surfers : Graduate School …


From Jeff:

Mr. Aprile,

My name is Jeff  and I have been following Circuit Surfers for a few weeks now after being introduced to perfusion careers by a professor of mine.

Since then, I have been enthralled by the field and am seriously considering the possibility of a perfusion career over general medicine.

Currently, I am a senior at Indiana University in the Health Administration and Public Health program. I am an EMT and have worked in an emergency department for 2 years and have always had a special interest in cardiology and cardiovascular medicine.

I have been set on medical school for many years and now as a prospective perfusion student am realizing how competitive the field is.

Could you offer me any advice to help me along my search for a graduate program? Thanks for all the work you put into the blog as well- it has certainly helped me gain a real perspective versus the somewhat limited views of admissions websites.


Hey Jeff,

First of all, thanks for spending time on the site and for readingSurfers.  I appreciate your comments and your interest in a very challenging / rewarding profession.

There are some seriously good graduate programs out there- but I can’t recommend one over the other, as I don’t have any personal insight or experience I can lend, regarding schools I haven’t attended.

I suggest you ask readers here to make their recommendations, or just make your own choice.

I’m from Purdue (an Indiana boy) – so I know a bit about how good the school is that you are currently attending.  IU is great- (until we play you in BB next season), and I have tremendous respect for their academics.

I think you will have no problem attaining your goals in Perfusion.

Here is a link to some perfusion programs in the U.S. as well as International schools.