A Letter to ‘Surfers : From Jordan: How Many Perfusionits are Required Per Case?


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Editor’s Note:

Most places I have worked, it was with one perfusionist per case- unless the degree of difficulty implied the need for more assistance. 

At one point in my career we did have a perfusion assistant on each case.  At another point, our contract with the client hospital required the presence of two perfusionists per case.  That was later amended due to excessive use of staffing.

Unless your hospital stipulates the 2 perfusionists per case requirement- It is in my opinion, that a well trained perfusionist should be more than capable in handling the case requirements.


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The governing body for perfusion in the United States, states the following:

“Extracorporeal circulation shall be conducted by a knowledgeable and competent perfusionist.”


  1. Extracorporeal circulation should be conducted by a certified or board eligible perfusionist. Certification by the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion or its equivalent meets this requirement.
  2. A perfusionist should conduct cardiopulmonary bypass with perfusion assistance available.
  3. For emergency situations, a perfusionist should be available within 30 minutes of the hospital.
  4. Perfusion department/services should maintain a policy and procedures manual which includes:
    1. Routine and emergency procedures
    2. Departmental policies
    3. Continuing education policies
    4. Catastrophic perfusion event management
  5. Policy and procedures should be reviewed and revised on a periodic basis.

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