A Letter to ‘Surfers : A Response to the Question

Editor’s Note:

This was an elegant response I received in the comments section of a recent post… “Redneck or Bleeding Liberal?”

The author is Patrizio Sartini, I imagine to be an Italian perfusionist based on the name- but not quite certain of that.

I thought it raised many thoughts well worth sharing.

From Mr. Patrizio Sartini:

Liberal or conservative?

It is too much easy to determine human affairs in this way.

The reality is much more complex.

Questions like these are expression of the need to simplify trying to understand but paradoxically, if we simplify too much, we run the risk of not understanding.

In my experience I believe that we are liberal/socialist and conservative at the same time.

But we perfusionists, and then the question is:

In the conduct of our profession  do we have a liberal or conservative approach ?

Let me explain.

Do we carry out our task running techniques in accordance with procedures established and very traditional or do we express a tendency open and available to introduce new experiences?

Do we feel safe and secure with our acquired knowledge or believe that the goal of best performance has yet to be reached?

In my years of job I have often seen this dichotomy between my colleagues.

But I am a perfusionist, and so my tendency to be serious and intellectual lasts a short time.

From this point of view I can say that surgeons are conservative, unlike anesthesiologists are liberal.

Nurses are the most liberal than conservative (depending on the department).

Hospital administrators are DEFINITELY conservative.

Patients are ULTRALIBERAL since they accept the risk of relying on our hands.

best regards
Pat Sartini

when the next post on the “anion gap / OPFT”?

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