A Guide To Circuit Surfers: [ 2 ] The Side Bar

Editor’s Note:

This is a section to familiarize readers with the different areas and aspects of the Circuit Surfer’s Blog.

There is a vast amount of information and diversity to make this a fun and useful media tool for Today’s Perfusionists.

In order to make this a robust and dependable on-line experience, continuity and navigation are huge factors.  One of the main reasons I don’t like to change the “look” too often, or get too clever with the layout- is when people like something- a certain way, well you have to listen to them.

We are logging close to 500 unique visitors per day, and that means a lot to me. 

Having a familiar layout :

It doesn’t mean that our creativity is taking a hit, it more-so implies that the map stays the same- and you don’t really have to reinvent- the navigation process when you are having your morning coffee.

Today’s Topic: The Side Bar

Dreamers: Circuit Surfers:

This it the top logo you see when getting to ‘Surfers.  It’s nothing really, other than a picture of a little boy skipping rocks- and dreaming- while counting the skips.  It’s all of us really- at one point in our lives.

Search For: Circuit Surfers:

This section allows you to enter any key words to search within the site.  Eg;  Typing in “Aorta”.  It will return all articles with that word in it- as well as a tagline

Do You Need a Job: @ Circuit Surfers:

This will take you to the “Jobs” section @ Circuit Surfers.  This is a section that allows employers, job seekers, and Locums perfusionists to all get their ads on ‘Surfers for no fee whatsoever.  It is designed to help all parties get work, or satisfy their employment needs.

At this date, 14 job seekers have been hired in part- due to their utilization of Circuit Surfers.

Tracks & Footprints @ Circuit Surfers:

This a 3rd party software solution for tracking the geo-location demographics of visitors to CircuitSurfers.com.  If you click on it- you will see real time data of who is visiting the website, and what city/country they are from.

Currently, it lists 164 countries and 450 + cities as locations from where people have come from to read CircuitSurfers.com online.

International Guests: @ Circuit Surfers:

This is a section that reflects a cultural awareness and diversity that Circuit Surfers is trying to achieve- and stratify.  It’s easy to say we have a lot of perfusionists from a lot of different countries coming here, but as well – it is more definitive if you can present numbers and locations.

I think it’s important for all perfusionists- in all countries- to recognize the fact that we are a very specialized entity onto ourselves, and that we can only depend on one-another to build a structure that gives us a voice- a chance to vocalize and address our shared experiences and opinions.

This section allows any country or city- to be recognized by flag or otherwise.

Trouble Shooting: @ Circuit Surfers:

This is a new Section.  We are trying to develop a database of common or not-so-common problems encountered by perfusionists during CPB.

This is not an “Incident Report” section. 

It’s really more of a registry of the odd things that can happen on bypass- as opposed to submitting a department report or seminal event.You know- the totally odd confluence of events that can lead to a snowball effect of potentially seriously hazardous exposure for the patient?

This is a report to assist in evaluating the complex decision making process we engage in, when encountering unexpected mechanical failures or clinical events.

Please maintain your utmost discretion regarding institutional and patient privacy issues.  They obviously vary from country to country, so remain oblique in any sort of dialogue that involves patient identifiers (time, place names, type of case, dates of operations, country, city, or state).


Perfusion Art @ Circuit Surfers:

This is a collection of Perfusion related pictures that have been submitted by perfusionists from all over the world.

The intention is to develop an online photo gallery highlighting the lives and events of people in our profession.

The hope is that this collection will eventually be featured at the AMSECT National Perfusion Conference.

To Submit A Picture: email: [email protected]


Drug Shortages: @ Circuit Surfers:

The information provided in this section is provided voluntarily by manufacturers.  FDA cannot require firms to report the reason for shortage or duration of the shortage or any other information about shortages. 

FDA appreciates all information provided by manufacturers.  We post information about shortages as soon as we receive it from the manufacturers.  To report information about shortages or supply issues, manufacturers can send updates to [email protected].  

Healthcare professionals and patients are also encouraged to notify us of shortages at [email protected].

You Tube: @ Circuit Surfers:

This section is for uploaded perfusion related videos.  It is an excellent addition to assisting perfusionists around the world, to acquire hands on video supplements to assist with clinical questions as they arise, or as general learning tool.

Linked in: @ Circuit Surfers:

This section is is basically a network for professionals.  It has many options and sub-links associated with it.  It is definitely a way to remain part of the mainstream in the world of perfusion and CV surgery.

There is some exciting stuff to be found here !

StumbleUpon: @ Circuit Surfers:

This is a fascinating and novel internet group, designed to allow the visitor to randomly sample websites within a a category that they so choose.  It is very discriminating, and is an amazing adventure into photography, perspectives, and artistic renditions of the best of the best to be had on the web.

Does it improve anybody’s bottom line?

Probably not.

Does it introduce you to a fantastic visual and literary adventure?

Probably so 🙂

TAGS: @ Circuit Surfers:

Tags are a mystery to most people on the net.  In all reality- they are the exact definition of themselves.  They are Tags- essentially keywords that Search Engines hone in on to accommodate a web or Google search.

They represent the equivalent of a street sign on a highway- and in this particular blog- they are a quick way to sort for all articles related or including the particular “tag-word”.

It should be noted- that in the case of the Circuit Surfer Blog- the larger the text in the Tag Cloud- the more often it has been used in associated articles that include that Tag word.

Site Content @ Circuit Surfers:

This is a section that includes a map for the rest of the site. It bascically consists of links that include the following:

Forum Contents (a brief review of the most recent online comments)

Contract Group Links

Locums Links

Vendor Links

Online Perfusion Forum Links

Literature Review Links

Continuing Education Links

Equipment Links

International Links

Professional International Society Links