A Day in the Life : 2 Arches & 2 Hearts

It’s either FEAST or famine in this world of ours, and the last 2 1/2 days have been on the left side of that equation.

fait accompli

Torrential ?  Maybe not- but there was some blood to be dealt with …

In English, (and in French) fait accompli means a course of events that has already been completed and cannot be undone, or something that has been decided and is, therefore, a done deal.

If, for example, you are the Chairman of an organization and you have the authority to appoint someone to an office, and you have done so, the appointment is not open to discussion, it is a fait accompli.

It was a 2-fer 4th of July Holiday.   2 for each day that is

A Piece of Aorta …  Note the dissected intima and thrombus

  • A dissected arch on the menu for the evening before (with the latest and the greatest new and improved antegrade cerebral perfusion technique).


  • Sandwiching two emergent coronary cases on the 4th.


  • To be book shelved neatly by the fait accompli– another spectacular dissection on the afternoon of the 5th evolving well past midnight (no cerebral perfusion this time- straight cut-and-run circ-arrest and 14 minute ischemic time).

and…  Some more aorta…

The Pit bull and his Crew

As usual it was total team work …

Our surgeon JUST WON’T give up ! 

And neither do we…  (Jack, Kieth, Lacey, Andrea and me )

And THAT was the difference between livin’ and dyin’…

So I finally just woke up, 4 pm on a Friday night- On-Call_Again …


Happy weekend folks !

Oh BTW- ALL the patients fared well.