Photo by Paul Landsman, Clinical Coordinator at South Plains College School of Surgical Technology.  Lubbock, West Texas.

Thanks Paul 🙂

911 is like a Genetic Memory

It is burned into the context of our society.



It begs the question of when the number 911 was initially designated as the universal distress signal, if there wasn’t a brief precognitive slip of racial intuition, and it was actually at that point a painful memory as opposed to an unexpected event not yet having been inflicted.

It is the oddest of coincidences.

We Write Because We Can…

And sometimes we just need to put in pen, the legacy of our feelings and experiences, the substance of us.

We All Have a Story to Tell

And that’s what we do to survive.  Tell our stories.

And Learn from them.

And We SHALL Rebuild- But Shall NEVER Forget…